Adenoids or foreign meat on the nose is a lymph gland located behind the nose, in the rear wall and upper throat. Adenoid starts to develop in young children after the age of 3 years and after  8-9 years age it starts to diminish. There are cases that adenoid can be found even in more mature age. When there are too enlarged adenoids it causes nasal breathing difficulties to the child, decreased hearing due to lack of good ventilation of the ear, nose secretions increased and occasional infections in the ear. In cases where the child is suffering for a long time from adenoids it begins to appear deformation in jaws developing, backwardness in school due to the decrease of hearing and other disorders resulting from the suffering of the child from breathing through the nose.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia by special instruments to ensure its complete removal. Modern techniques consist in adenoid removal with microdebrider under the endoscopic control intervention by ensuring their complete removal and minimal or negligible pain.

The child can leave home during the day because it bears no risk intervention after surgery.