Arm Liposuction

Arm Liposuction

A procedure that helps to eliminate the concentrated fat in certain areas of the body, which is hard to eliminate by exercise or diet. Liposuction is usually performed beside some other cosmetic procedures, especially in the buttocks, arms, and the abdomen.

By time, the arm loses its tight shape due to many reasons, such as aging, weight gain or loss. In addition, it is hard to eliminate the fat in the arms by sport or diet. Sagging occur by time in the arm that cannot get back its appearance by itself, that is why is Liposuction is the best solution to get rid of these fats. Thanks to this procedure, you can get back the beautiful and tightened shape of the arm, without damaging the muscles. The recovery period after Arm Liposuction is comfortable and fast, compared with other parts of the body. Arm liposuction is usually a safe procedure and gives good results. 

 The patient should also be cautioned that the fat could return, if lifestyle changes like diet control and exercise are not seriously pursued.

Arm liposuction can be performed on men and women who are in good health but struggle with localized fat deposits in their upper arms. 

Who Can Perform Arm Liposuction?

People whom their bones and skin growth has completed, and over 18 years, can do Arm Liposuction after the doctor agrees.

People who are not suitable for this procedure are:

  • Women in pregnancy or breastfeeding period.
  • People who will have a health problem during anesthesia.
  • People who have general health problems.
  • People who have problems in their skin like infections.


What are the Preparations Needed before the Arm Liposuction Procedure?

Liposuction for the arm should be offered only after the patient has made attempts to lose the fat through diet and exercise. It should be emphasized to the patient that the procedure is not a replacement for exercise and diet control; if these are ignored following the surgery, it is highly likely that the fat will reappear and the surgery will be unsuccessful.