Removal of tumor mass in the neck

In a general sense, the term “tumor” expresses  a bulge or swelling of a tissue or organ and used to designate not only the tumor pathologies but also all the other pathologies that occur with such a sign. Such may include: inflammation (tumor is one of the signs of local inflammation), hypertrophy and hyperplasia, especially those nodular, hyperplasia tumor cell overloads, Amiloidose tumors, malformations of organs, etc. In more concrete terms, the term “tumor” designates a mass or a plus tissue, arising from tumor growth. Increased tumor is a special growth, very fast, infinite, uncoordinated and biologically disoriented, features  that distinguish it from all other physiological and pathological increases. Otorhinolaryngology department, head and neck surgery, offers a complete management of both benign and malignant tumors of the head and neck as well as reconstruction of the defects.