Gjendra e peshtymes

Salivary glands, parotis gland which is the largest (glands around the ear), and glands submandibular (glands under the angle of the jaw) produce secretions which are shed in the mouth and serve to facilitate chewing, swallowing, protect teeth and wasted food . These glands may increase for different reasons as in the case of their infection (mumps) or benign or malignant tumors. In most cases (80% of cases) these glands are affected by benign tumors wich in parotis gland can be placed in all its lobbies but most often occur in the upper lobby. Not excluded malignant tumors, that often occur as irregular masses, fixed tissues and solid to the touch. In cases of parotis gland tumors, the patient is presented with a mass set before the ear extending to the lower jaw.The removal of the salivary glands is performed in cases of benign or malignant tumors, their chronic infections or their blocking channels mainly from stones.The surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

The cutting is done frontward the ear respecting the natural lines, continues behind the ear and then comes down on the side of the neck. Once established the skin, all the gland is exposed  separating it completely from the muscles. This complete separation of the gland from the muscles will help us more easily identify the facial nerve, which crosses through the gland in the form of the fingers of the hand. Identification and preservation of nerve depends upon surgical anatomy, and above all the experience of the surgeon. To facilitate the preservation of nerve, nowadays surgery is done under the monitoring of the facial nerve by nerve store on his way to the salivary gland. It is very important the preservation of facial nerve because his damage causes facial deformation with withdrawal of the lip, without the ability to close his eyes and lobbying, as well as inability to wrinkle the forehead.

Complete removal of the gland occur when benign tumors are very large, while in cases of malignant tumors are recommended complete removal of the facial nerve along with.